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Voices of Brunch

Welcome to Alexander's Breakfast and Lunch! In this blog. We shine the spotlight on some of our valued patrons and their experiences dining with us. These customer reviews offer a firsthand glimpse into the flavors, atmosphere, and hospitality that define our restaurant.

Adam Lebin

"One of the best breakfast food we have ever had. Truly was perfect. The Mayan Benedict special I would honestly eat every day if I could. It should be a regular menu item. Coffee was exceptional."

"As a lover of breakfast joints, Alexander’s did not disappoint. The Churro French toast is a masterpiece. The Chillaquiles or Chilakillers has a very tasty sauce. My sister enjoyed her vegetarian hash. Note to restaurant: I would suggest adding refried black beans for more texture to the Chilakillers. Our waitress, Alejandra, provided great service. The staff frequently check to make sure beverages are filled. Highly recommend."

Bryan B.

"Have gone 2 times, 2 different servers both of them offered a great service. Food was delicious, I hope they keep the good quality, if they do, we will keep choosing this place for brunch!!!"

Manda T.

"attentive service with great food! i really liked how cozy the restaurant felt. we came right around opening and it got packed fast. i believe we ordered the carnitas hash and the feta omelet. the portions were large and affordable. id come back again if i was craving brunch food!"

Do you enjoy our food? Show some love and give us a review!

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